Sydney’s #1 CrossFit Training Facility


With constantly varied workouts and a dynamic community to train with, CrossFit is not just another boring gym fad… it’s a state of mind, a philosophy, and a lifestyle. It doesn’t matter what shape, size or fitness level you are because CrossFit is for people of all ages, and for those with drive and abilities to improve their overall fitness in a fun and challenging environment. Get started with a FREE trial class specifically designed for beginners and discover if CrossFit is the right fit for you. 

One-On-One/Small Group Training


Fast-track your results

Access a one-on-one session or organise personal training for you and one or two close friends. This is an awesome way for beginners to learn the foundations of training, or for experienced gym-goers to take their fitness to the next level.

For Beginners


Learn the basics

When you have a clear understanding of the foundation-forming movements of CrossFit, you will be able to minimise the risk of injury and see better results, faster. Join our fun and supportive On-Ramp Program to start your transformation the right way.

The On-Ramp Program entails 2 x 1hr, 1-on-1 sessions. It is to ensure your future workouts are done safely and to your capability, those with less than 3 months Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting experience & training at a CrossFit Affiliate gym, the compulsory On-Ramp Technique Program will need to be undertaken within the first 2 weeks of attending classes and before using any barbells.

One of our highly experienced and certified CrossFit Coaches will take you through the program which gives you more confidence using barbells in class when these movements are in the daily workouts.

The Global Fitness Phenomenon


High intensity fitness program

Thousands of people around the world have discovered the addictive power and health benefits of crossfit! Get your body moving the way it is supposed to move and be ready for whatever life throws at you! Crossfitters get fit, lose weight, tone up, improve flexibility, balance, posture and get strong! Every class offers a new challenge in a friendly and fun environment.

Come on in for your FREE intro session and see why you’re going to love transforming yourself at CrossFit Brookvale. See our facility, meet our members, chat with our coaches, and find out for yourself what a real fitness family is all about. During your FREE intro session, you will receive:

  • A baseline fitness assessment
  • An overview of our training methodology and class options
  • A tour of our training facility
  • How to transform your health, fitness, and lifestyle
  • And so much more!

Simply fill out the form and someone from our team will contact you shortly to discuss the best time for you to come in. We are also happy to help answer any questions you might have about training at CrossFit Brookvale. We look forward to meeting you!

SPS Active Kids Functional Fitness


Fun, friendly fitness for 5-12 Year olds

Our kids classes cater to children of all ages and abilities. It helps increase the 6 components of motor skills which can lead your kids to being more active and with more confidence. It can also complement your kids other sporting commitments to help improve their performance throughout the season. These classes are a lot more fun than school!

The main benefit that Crossfit has on our children is that we can instil good values and healthy habits at a young age. Fitness should be fun and that’s mostly what will keep your kids coming back for more!

  • Learn the Fundamental Movements of CrossFit
  • Develop Their Bodies Across a Broad Range of Skills
  • Challenge Kids Both Mentally & Physically
  • Improve Balance
  • Improve Co-Ordination
  • Cardiovascular Fitness & Strength
  • Improve Social Skills and Teamwork

The functional movements involve exercises that are fundamental to all things that kids need to do when they play-pull, push, run, throw, climb, lift and jump.


Self-led classes


Catch up on what you have missed

If you haven’t made it to a class, make up the time at an Open Gym session. Work on your weaknesses, supplement your training routine and keep your strength and fitness goals on track. 

Ready For The Challenge?


Yes, you’re tough enough!

There’s nothing like summer Bootcamp to turbo-charge your fitness and boost your energy levels. Yes, it’s fast and furious but we love it this way! Try it once and you’ll be addicted, we swear!

Want more from your training

Personalised Programming

Tailored to your needs

Want to get more out of your training? Have a specific goal you’re working towards? A marathon, Ironman, improving your strength for a specific position on a team, or getting ready to climb a mountain. Whatever your needs we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Fast and furious


The Whole 30 Fitness' - HIIT Classes

Don’t use a lack of time as an excuse to skip your workout! As a CrossFit SPS unlimited sessions member, your membership will also include access to the whole 30 fitness, 30min sessions from Monday to Friday. The classes are focused on metabolic conditioning, cardio and body movements to keep your heart pumping. Get in, sweat, and get out, all in the space of your lunch break! Check out www.Thewhole30fitness.Com.Au for more information.

Build your core

Six Pack Solutions

Professionally programmed accessory work

Six-pack solutions is a specific, balanced program to do at any time if you’re not only looking for that edge to have that 6-pack year-round and not just in summer but as a major stabilisation, exercise to protect the spine. It has a variety of movements all geared around core work, designed to build strength, tone muscles and to help protect your spine, not only in workouts but in everyday life.