Take a look at the sixth of 9 Fundamental CrossFit moves.

The Push Jerk is one of CrossFit’s most powerful moves.

It may look straightforward, however you need to know the right technique to master it and build your strength more quickly.

Here’s a demonstration of a Push Jerk from CrossFit Seminar Staff member Julie Foucher

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Keep these positioning tips in mind when performing a Push Jerk:

  1. Hip-width stance
  2. Hands just outside shoulders
  3. Elbows slightly in front of bar
  4. Full grip on the bar
  5. Torso dips straight down
  6. Hips and legs extend rapidly then press under
  7. Receive the bar in a partial overhead
  8. Heels stay down until hips and legs extend
  9. Bar moves over the middle of the foot
  10. Complete at full hip, knee and arm extension

Your trainer will be able to show you how to perfect this move – you’ll be doing it a lot!

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