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How do I get started?

Come in and observe a CrossFit class, attend 1 free session on 'Bring A Friend Friday' (any class session), the Saturday 8:30am introduction class, or do our 7 DAY TRIAL.

Call 0402 701 838 or email

What we ask our prospective clients to do prior to coming in, is to fill in the online waiver here:
and give us a call to discuss when you would like to come in.  We will then find out more about you and what your goals are.  

The 7 day trial is where we assess your movements, fitness and strength levels.  For your safety, those with less than 3 months Olympic, Powerlifting & CrossFit experience, the compulsory 'OnRamp' technique program will need to be undertaken within the first 2 weeks of attending & before using any barbells.  This is so your future workouts are done safely and to your capability.  It also gives you more confidence in class when these movements are in the daily workouts.

** Please see below 'getting started' table, membership page and contact us for more details on our 'OnRamp' technique program. 

What is the Beginner 'OnRamp' Technique Program? 

The OnRamp Program entails a warm-up, going through 5 Olympic/Powerlifting movements and technique, a short high intensity interval workout to increase the heart rate and a cool down allowing you the confidence to enter the class environment.  The 5 movements are split into 2 x 1hr sessions, in 1 on 1 or small groups only & running separate to classes.

What is the Goal of CrossFit?

The goal is to achieve an overall sense of wellness - not just feeling 'good', healthier, stronger, fitter, moving better in day-to-day activities and also learning more about nutrition. 

CrossFit is a functional strength and fitness program that offers a host of benefits for people of all ages.  Our clients have experienced positive changes such as:
  • Fat loss and increased muscle definition
  • Core strengthening
  • Improved flexibility, posture and balance
  • Ability to move faster, jump higher and lift heavier objects
  • Improved aerobic and anaerobic endurance
  • Increased bone density and reduced chance of Osteoporosis
  • Greater confidence and mental acuity
  • And many more…
It's not just limited to the above, you can be more active with your kids, with your friends, husbands, wives.  The way to achieve fitness is to push the intensity up a little higher than you previously had thought possible. With High Intensity Interval Training you are working at a level, whether for 1 second or 25 minutes, where you're making changes to your overall fitness. The goal of the program is to push that threshold out further with each workout and in a safe environment where the Coach keeps a close eye on all participants. We're always looking for more work in less time. This translates into an increase in work capacity and ultimately equals more power. 

Definitions and Misconceptions:
To begin, we need to address some misconceptions about how the body works…
You cannot “tone” a certain portion of your body. Your body will not lose fat in one spot at a time, it will only lose fat. Thus, you must reduce your overall body fat percentage to see results in the area you want. 
Lean – having little to no surplus fat – Thus, to look “lean”, you need to have low levels of body fat.
Toned – seeing muscle definition on a human body – Thus, to look “toned”, you need to have low levels of body fat combined with having enough muscular development that you can see the shape of the muscle under the skin. This is usually accomplished at below 20% body fat on women, and below 10% on men.
You will never “bulk up” overnight, except from maybe an ice cream and beer binge.  

If you want to feel Strong, Fit, Healthy and have a Toned Physic, then CrossFit is for you!

** Disclaimer - Results may vary from person to person.  Every effort has been made to accurately represent all products and services.  It is not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee.  The level of success in attaining results depends on several factors such as your motivation, commitment, nutrition and actions. 

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