* "Over the past few years I had slowly let myself go, a full on job and young family gave me the ideal excuse to pack on the pounds and spend a little to much time on the couch watching tv. A small health scare changed everything after the doctor told me to lose some weight.

My wife had spoken about CrossFit and I decided to do a little research. On face value, my initial thoughts were Crossfit was for elite athletes and did not cater for overweight middle age dads… how wrong I was. 

The first day I walked through the doors of CrossFit SPS Brookvale I was welcomed in by a warm friendly team who set about working with me to achieve my goals of losing weight. Not only was the CrossFit SPS Brookvale team professional and welcoming, but also the gym members were also super encouraging and supportive (something I had never experienced before training at regular gyms). 

The results were rapid and life changing, I lost over 14kg’s, shifted my focus on what's important, stress levels have dropped, work is going better, have got into Obstacle Course Racing, met a bunch a positive great people on the northern beaches and best of all my wife has joined CrossFit and we are now crossfitting together. The funny thing is, the biggest change hasn’t been the weight loss, its been my perspective on life and being more active with my family, this has been the most valuable part of the change.

When you are over 40 you place a ceiling on what you are capable of, a few months with the team at CrossFit SPS Brookvale and you won’t know yourself. Anyone who is frustrated with where they are, live on the northern beaches and are ready to make a change, should drop in at CrossFit SPS Brookvale - it will change your life! 

All you have to do is make it to the next workout and enjoy the ride" - Andre Herbst


* “Three Months into my CrossFit journey I had a bad accident at home.  I severed the tendons and nerve in the front of my left ankle, which basically is responsible for moving my foot.  The Dr’s said it would be 3-4 months before I would walk again unassisted and maybe 6 months to be able to run. 

Being a very active person, who loves to run, swim, mountain bike and now CrossFit, I was devastated.  Three days after the accident I went back to CrossFit SPS Brookvale to talk to the coaches.  Being in a cast for the first two weeks, then in a boot for the next 8, then in an AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis), which is a plastic splint to enable me to walk without tripping up, I really thought I wouldn’t be able to do anything. 

The coaches were AMAZING.  Lisa told me not to worry, to come in any day and she would tailor the workout for me.  So I came in every day and Lisa and the coaches made the workout fit what I could manage.  It was my sanity and I truly believe it helped me heal. 

At CrossFit SPS Brookvale they were so supportive and patient, always going out of their way to help in anyway they could.  Focusing on my healing and getting me back to where I was before the accident.   And at the end of it, I came away with a nick name for life – ‘Hoppy’!   

So CrossFit isn’t just for the strong or the fit, there really is something for everyone, and anyone can gain from it if you just give it a go.” - Lynette Brigden


* ”CrossFit SPS Brookvale has completely changed the way I view exercising. From the moment I joined, a community of friendly people who are motivating, encouraging and inspirational greeted me with great energy. It's the people that make this place so different. I can't recommend CrossFit SPS Brookvale enough!” - Roxy


* “I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the coaches for my training over the last 9 months, you’ve all been incredibly supportive, knowledgeable and passionate and have helped me get to a place I’d never have reached without it.  The box you have set up is by far the best I have used and the sessions run so smoothly with everyone on the same page and the same goals.” Matt


* Disclaimer - Results may vary from person to person.  It is not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee.  The level of success in attaining results depends on several factors such as your motivation, commitment, nutrition and actions.